6th April 2017

Inspiration and Insights

Jastrup S100 launchClose to 20 years as an advocate, an analyst and an advisor on sustainability creates some unique perspectives on sustainability and business. I regularly boil the lessons I learn and the insights created in my projects down to inspirational talks suited for both boardrooms and conferences.

I have given talks and advised clients including: Danish Ministry of Finance, DONG Energy, DNV GL, UN Global Compact. Realdania and University of Copenhagen.

I bring the perspectives of a professional that have:

  • Almost 20 years of working with business, academia, NGOs and the media.
  • Had privileged access to conversations with leading scientists, NGO leaders and close to 30 CEOs and Chairs of leading international corporations on their sustainability journeys.
  • Developed, tested and used unique new tools for transforming sustainability risks to business opportunities.
  • Engaged business communities around in conversations on how they can turn United Nations’ Global Goals into local opportunities for society and for business.
  • Designed and executed media strategies at some of the largest sustainability events in Scandinavia.

The talks are regularly updated. Current topics are:

  • The Three Waves of Corporate Sustainability – Business leaders have adopted the idea of sustainability in three distinct historical waves. In this talk I introduce the critical ideas and the points of no turning back in each wave and explain how they influence businesses’ operations, lobbying efforts, communication and strategies. This talk is suited for business that needs to develop their understanding of corporate sustainability and sharpen their own sustainability narrative, as well as for NGOs, regulators, trade organizations and others that needs to understand the opportunities and the pitfalls of working with sustainable businesses.

    This talk is based i.a. on the book “Next – Sustainable Business” where I interviewed close to 30 CEO and Chairpersons from leading multinationals about their sustainability journey.
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  • How to Turn the Sustainable Development Goals into a Business Opportunity? – The Sustainable Development Goals will influence critical societal investments globally and shape markets in the coming 15 years. As more and more businesses are trying to be a part of the “solutions economy”, understanding the SDGs and how these can be turned into new opportunities for society and business alike is a crucial part of strategy development. This talk is based on the two tool-kits for turning “Global Goals into Local Business” that I developed for UN Global Compact in 2016. It is suited for business that wants to develop their own understanding of the SDGs as an opportunity for growth and new purpose.

    This talk is based on i.a. the tool kits for making “Global Goals Local Business” that I have developed for UN Global Compacts 80 Local Networks.
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  • How to Survive in a World You Don´t Understand – The bad news: complexity is here to stay and it will get worse. Our hopes for understanding the present and forecasting the future are dwindling. The good news: there is a lot of things we can do to create a safer, more prosperous future even if we can not foresee it. Based on insights from complexity research and systems theory, I show how we can start today to develop our navigation skills in an uncharted future. This talk introduces two specific tools for navigating complex problems. It is best suited for smaller groups up to appr. 20 people where we get plenty of time for reflection also and have been used to great effect with management teams, talent programs etc.

    This talk is based on a few of the tools I have found most useful when designing reports and analyses like Global Oppportunity Report, Sustainia Buildings Guide and Green Guide for Universities.
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  • What Every Start-Up Should Know About The World – Can exponentiality really save the world? Can you explain what your algorithm just did to the judge? Is Big Data really just Big Bias? Through a series of provoking questions and observations, I introduce tech and other start ups to the facts and ideas that has shaped the sustainability movement and show how the current business and start-up mindset often collides with this. But there is hope. Understanding what is OK and what is definitely not OK from a sustainability POV sharpens the focus for the start-up – or any other business – that wants to create a positive impact upon people, planet and prosperity.

    This talk is new. It is developed as a response to debates and discussion I have had over the recent years with people from the Danish and international tech crowd.
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  • The Next Ten Years in Sustainable Business – based on interviews with a group of CEOs and chairmen of the worlds leading business, this talk gives a “view from the top” of why sustainability in business is an imperative for them – and why it should be the same for any business that wish to work closely with these leading corporations from Unilever to BASF.

    This talk is based i.a. on the book “Next – Sustainable Business” where I interviewed close to 30 CEO and Chairpersons from leading multinationals about their sustainability journey.
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