Opening a sector for new technologies

Client: Danish Architecture Center

Description: Danish Architecture Center (DAC) wanted to kick-start the new technology agenda in the Danish Building sector. The sector is notorious for being conservative and new efficient and sustainable technologies can have a hard time to enter the market. DAC wanted to break the deadlock, and it wanted to move fast.

We designed a two-stage proces first engaging the key stakeholders in the building sector in a series of 30 in-depth interviews. Based on the lessons drawn from the interviews we organized and facilitated an intense 4 hour workshop with decision makers and thought leaders from the sector.

What we uncovered was that the people and the businesses in the Danish building sector were not as conservative as their reputation had it. Rather they are working under out-dated regulation and conventions of who does what in the very complex process of going from an idea to a finished building project.

Based on interviews and the workshop we helped DAC formulate five policy recommendations and five ideas for new initiatives (both docs i Danish) to speed up how new technologies are adopted the Danish building sector.

And the best part – we did it all in two months.

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