Mapping Sustainability Practices in Leading Businesses

Clients: Skanska, Schneider Electric, Dansk Standard, SE Big Blue.

Energiindeks Danmark is a project designed at raising the awareness of good energy management in the top 1000 businesses in Denmark (report is only available in Danish, sorry). It is a survey based investigation into energy management practices designed to act both as a platform for advocacy for energy efficiency and as a resource for partners and the top 1000 business when entering partnerships with the aim of creating energy savings.

As a senior analyst with Danish sustainability think tank Sustainia, I took over the project at a time when it was ailing, but together with a great team of partners we turned it around and made two great reports – both of them with foreword from the Danish Ministers for Energy, Climate and Buildings (and they spoke at both launch ceremonies too).

Read the Energiindeks 2013 here.

Read the Energiindeks 2014 here.

For more on Sustainias work, check out their beautiful website.

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