A Toolkit to Turn Global Goals into Local Business

Client: UN Global Compact Partners: Monday Morning Global Institute (MMGI) Description: When 193 world leaders in September 2015 adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the UN Global Compact faced a unique challenge: The organization aims to catalyse business action on sustainable development, and the SDGs created a huge momentum for both adding more participants to the Compact’s[…]

Making Universities Paragons of Sustainability

Client: International Alliance of Research Universities – IARU (developed while employed with Sustainia) Green Guide for Universities – IARU pathways towards sustainability – is a report developed by 10 leading international universities and the think-tank Sustainia. As senior analyst and later project director at Sustainia, I conceptualized and set up the project in collaboration with the[…]

What Makes a City Great?

Client: Danish Ministry of the Environment The publication Byliv der betaler sig (in Danish only, I´m afraid) is reporting from a project executed in a collaboration between University of Copenhagen, the Danish Ministry of the Environment and several municipalities in Denmark. It is a big data-project for the first time quantifying the effect on house prices of[…]

New Routes to Growth

Client: Capital Region of Denmark The publication Nye Veje til Vækst (“New Routes to Growth”, publication only in Danish) was done as a collaboration between Danish think tank and business media house Monday Morning and the Capital Region of Denmark. The publication analyses the opportunities for The Capital Region of Denmark to become the infrastructure hub[…]

Energy for the Future

Client: Danish National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, Risø, (now part of Technical University of Denmark, DTU) “Energy for the Future” is the 50 year jubilee publication I made for the Danish National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, Risø. Risø – now part of Technical University of Denmark, DTU –  is a world leading research institution in the[…]