20th June 2015


Morten Jastrup

Born: 1st December 1971

Proud husband and father of five

Maker of tools for change

In different capacities, I have worked with sustainability for close to 20 years but I am afraid that I am nowhere near being done. My first focus was climate change, and that fight is far from won. Also, over the years, the sustainability agenda has grown as our common understanding of the complexity of the problems facing us have developed. Poverty, gender equality, education and rule of law, corruption and workers’ rights are all part of a non-exhaustive list of issues that needs to be addressed if we truly want to move towards a society that is peaceful and prosperous and where no-one gets left behind. Even after 20 years the job does not look any easier.

However, what in the beginning sometimes felt as a somewhat lonely journey have transformed into something much more invigorating. Today, I am proud to be part of a global movement towards a more sustainable future and – somewhat surprising to the younger me – consumers and businesses are in the lead.

As a professional communicator, project designer, analyst and tool maker, I work to fuel that movement. By inspiring, provoking and empowering businesses to adopt sustainability in their core, I hope to do my part in creating the future that I wish to see for my kids and theirs in turn.

Over the years, I have worked closely with both business, academia and NGOs. I have handled the media at some of the largest sustainability events in Scandinavia, and I have had privileged access to conversations with leading scientists, NGO leaders and close to 30 CEOs and chairs of leading international corporations. They have shared their insights and their sustainability journeys with me, helping me develop as a person and as a professional.

I have developed tools for transforming sustainability risks to business opportunities and engaged business communities around the globe in conversations on how they can turn United Nations’ Global Goals into local opportunities for society and for business. I have been an advocate, an analyst and an advisor on sustainability and what this long and rather pompous rant boils down to is:

I have skills, I have perspective and I have experience that few other people have, and I want to use them to help your organization on its sustainable opportunity journey whether you´re new to sustainability or a paragon in your sector.

Core competences

  • Strategy Development and Sparring
  • Process design and facilitation
  • Inspirational and educational talks
  • Conceptualizing, writing and editing
  • Moderating

You’ll meet

A deeply committed professional, with a very broad base of knowledge and the ability to put it to use. A pleasant person who is not afraid to recognize the great ideas of others even when they push over his own. A dedicated finisher who loves taking on difficult tasks, and hate jobs half-done.

Full CV

The best representation of my work life is on my Linkedin profile.

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