Putting ideas into action


Thought Leadership Services is a boutique consultancy helping clients benefitting from being authorities in their fields
Setting thought leaders apart

We design initiaitives that help our clients distinguish themselves as the sharpest tools in the shed. All projects are bespoke but share a fundamental focus on stakeholder engagement and a strong narrative.

Event design and facilitation

With many years’ experience as a moderator and facilitator of events from closed high level workshops to international award shows I can give a boost to most organizations’ communications and events.

Thought Leadership mapping – in progress

Currently work is in progress on a new suite of tools to analyse and tune the effect of thought leadership intiatives. Our services are based on tools proven in research that are now being calibrated for this use.

Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one's thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.... Goethe


The very short version of what this business is about
Turning brilliance into authority

This is my website. It´s not much to look at right now, but it is mine and it is the beginning of something bigger. This is where I set up shop with my boutique consultancy Thought Leadership Services, and where in the coming months I will keep you posted on the development of the unique set of analytical tools I am developing for mapping, analysing and improving your thought leadership initiatives.

In the fall of 2016, the first prototype will be ready. At that stage we will need organizations to work with to test an refine the methodology.

Please contact me on hello@mortenjastrup.com if you wish to be a part of this or if you´re simply curious.

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  • Data driven

    The tools we develop is built on a core of data analytics developed for research purposes and uniquely suited for this field.

  • Contextual

    Data is useless unless it is presented in the right context - together with our customers we develop that.

  • Networks

    Ideas and breakthroughs are created in networks - we map them.

  • Independent

    Our analysis is not biased by who we work for and is well suited as a third party assessment of your initiatives.


Thinking out loud - News and Ideas

On thought leaders, sustainability and what else matters - friends write too occasionally

We are developing new tools for Thought Leadership analytics - contact us for more info

team of one - so far

Alone, but not lonely, and not for for long
Morten Jastrup
I am a professional specialized in developing thought leadership initiatives. I have been a journalist, communication professional, analyst and director. Since 2000 with a strong focus on research and sustainability.

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