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I talk, write, design, facilitate, inspire, provoke and build tools for businesses on their sustainable opportunity journey
Inspiration and insights

Almost 20 years of experience in sustainability boiled down to talks that inspire and provokes action. A specialty is the board-room tool kit, introducing fresh perspectives and tools for navigating in a complex world. More

Moderation and workshop design

I have designed and moderated scores of events from closed high level workshops to international award shows. Knowing both the moderator’s and the organizer’s perspective I can help you design and run your conference or workshop to maximum effect. More

Tools for Change

Initiatives that move an agenda, an organization or a mindset. I have designed and executed a number of projects aimed at creating action for sustainability. All projects in this category are bespoke but based on five base elements: Creating Value, Thinking Big, Generosity, Leadership and Systems Change. More

"Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one's thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world".... Goethe

We are developing new tools for Sustainable Leadership for SMEs - contact us for more info

Sustainable business by numbers

Sustainability is not a choice, its your greatest opportunity ever
Do you know any business that have opted to "go brown" lately?

When 193 countries adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals they also gave businesses globally a rare gift. They provided a clear map of the areas where we need new products, services and business models that can shape a more fair, prosperous and peaceful world.

Now business has the opportunity to act. The business case is clear in many sectors, investors are asking for more sustainable business practices and governments will welcome any new solution that will help them meet the SGD targets before the 2030 deadline. Recent research shows achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in just four economic systems could open 60 market “hot spots” worth an estimated US$12 trillion by 2030 in business savings and revenue.

However, business - and especially the large group of SMEs - are still struggling to figure out how they can start their own sustainable opportunity journey. They need insights, skills, networks, new partners and not least the drive to reach for the sustainable growth markets of the future. That´s what I aim to bring them.

Please contact me if you wish to hear more.

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  • We waste 1/3 of global GDP

    31 % of Global GDP is lost to conflict, illiteracy, climate change etc. and losses are growing. The case for investing in a fair and sustainable world has never been stronger (source: Business & Sustainable Dev. Commission - 2017)

  • investors believe in sustainability

    82 % of investors says sustainability is "very" or "quite" important for a business' value creation potential (source: MITSloan/BCG: Investing For a Sustainable Future - 2016)

  • Business wants to be sustainable

    71 % of businesses plan to embed the SDGs in their business (source: PwC: Make it Your Business - 2016)

  • But don't know how

    Only 13 percent of business believe they have the tools they need to seize the opportunities in sustainable business (PwC: Make it Your Business - 2016)

A team of one

Alone, but not lonely :-)
Morten Jastrup
I am a professional specialized in sustainable business. I have been a journalist, communication professional, analyst and director. Since 2000 with a strong focus on research and sustainability.

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